Homemade Chicken Jerky Part Two (Or, Two Thumbs Up ….If Dogs Had Thumbs)

 As promised, I tried out the Homemade Chicken Jerky recipe this weekend.  The ingredients and instructions are in this blog post:  Aren’t We All Tired of These Recalls? 

 I started with these:
Once the pieces were defrosted and patted dry, the next step was to cut the pieces into strips and lay them in the pan.

After baking in a low oven, there was considerable shrinkage, but the result was just as described in the recipe.  

Now here’s the most important part of this experiment:  Jazz performing the taste test.  She sat, she sniffed, she scarffed it up!

Look at that smile!  Success!  Now, check out the recipe and let me know if your dog smiles.