Services & Prices for Dog, Cat, Home & Plant Care

Dog Walking Pricing

Whether you’re at work or a sporting event, on date night or on a week-long vacation, Barks & Blooms™ can give your dogs the attention they need. From daytime walks to overnight stays, we will wear out your energetic, four-legged friends so they are content and calm when you get home.

We provide a meet-and-greet for you and your furry friends before you go away so we can learn your dog’s specific needs and keep them on a consistent routine. Our goal is always to keep your dogs happy and healthy in our care.

Let the Barks & Blooms™ team pamper your dog with love and attention while you are away.

Walks & Home Play

$17- $2 per additional dog

  • 20-minute visit
  • includes walk & playtime

Walks & Home Play

$20- $2 per additional dog

  • 30-minute visit
  • includes walk & playtime

Overnight Stays
in Your Home


  • includes: AM Walk
    PM Walk

1st Meet & Greet


  • Allows walker and pet
    a chance to meet each other

Kennel Runs & Pickup


  • based on time
    and mileage

Additional Visit for Key


  • For key pickup
    or drop off

Overnight Stays


  • in Sitter’s Home (limited availability)
  • Pickup or drop off
  • available at an additional fee



  • based on time
    and mileage

Requests within 72 hours of needing service

$25 expedite fee

Cat Care

Cat Care in Baltimore, MD

Cat Care Prices

The Cat's Meow: Fresh food & water, litter box scoop-out, medication (no needles please). Lots of TLC.$17 + $2 for each additional cat
Critter Cage Cleaning: There may be additional charge for more than 4 cats or critters.$17 + $2 for each additional cage
Barks & Blooms is not all about the dogs. We know that your feline friends need TLC as well.
Let our Fantastically Fabulous Kitty Keepers visit with your cat while you are away. Kitty will enjoy staying in the quiet and familiar comforts of home.
We provide a meet-and-greet with you and your cat before you go away to learn your cat's specific needs and learn their normal routine.

Home Care

Home Care Pricing

Mail & Newspaper$10
Recycling and Trash - out and In$20
Rotate lights, blinds, check home$10
The Happy Home - All of the above$30
No one wants to come home to unwanted surprises, such as newspapers on the driveway, a busted pipe, or a mail box overflowing.
Worry no more! Barks & Blooms™ will help keep your home in tip-top shape. Let our dedicated team make your life safer and happier.
Home Care in Baltimore, MD

Garden & Plant Care


Garden & Plant Care Pricing

Inside Porch and Plants 10 minutes$10
Flower beds- 30 minutes$20
Keep my garden growing- 20 minutes$17
Have you worked too hard on your plants and garden to see them turn brown while you are on vacation?
Barks & Blooms™ will have your daisies dancing, your flower pots pumping and your garden growing.